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From interested novices to patent experts, the PatentsView community is a diverse group of people engaged in patenting, entrepreneurship, and innovation.  We encourage you to get involved in the discussion, stay up to date on recent news and events, and see how patent data is used in creative ways beyond PatentsView.

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  • Forbes AI image

    Throughout recent decades, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the modern world and the lives of its inhabitants has increased drastically. From advancements in cybersecurity and military technologies to AI-driven greenhouses and algorithms that help health-care workers develop better treatments, AI has made its way into nearly every sector of society.

  • Six visualizations to describe aspects of patenting in the southern region of the United States.

    It is said “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and this is true regarding patenting as well. While patent production is concentrated in the areas around Houston, Austin and Dallas (see the map), innovation activity is spread across the entire Southern region.