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From interested novices to patent experts, the PatentsView community is a diverse group of people engaged in patenting, entrepreneurship, and innovation.  We encourage you to get involved in the discussion, stay up to date on recent news and events, and see how patent data is used in creative ways beyond PatentsView.

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  • The PatentsView database is current through August 20, 2019. All data are accessible through the web toolAPIquery builder tool, and bulk downloads.

  • The PatentsView database has been updated to fix an issue in the disambiguation algorithm for the location and assignee data tables. The location county process was retooled to ensure the correct assignment of counties to city/state pairs. In addition, the foreign priority date field has been updated to fill in missing dates for patents granted before 2004. Lastly null records have been removed from drawing description text, other reference, brief summary text, botanic and related application text tables.

  • PatentsView recently launched a Community Site to allow users to engage with each other and the PatentsView team. Contribute to the forum discussions, submit posts about data work, and give us your feedback.

  • New data fields are available through the API and bulk downloads. They include examiner information, PCT data, priority data, and other fields.

  • The PatentsView 2017 Workshop on Engaging User Communities was held on October 6, 2017 on USPTO campus. Learn more about the event.

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  • Six visualizations to describe aspects of patenting in the rocky mountain region of the United States.

    The Rocky Mountain region, home to the Western frontier spirit, is no stranger to innovation.  As we see from the map, Boise leads the region for producing the most patents.  But we also see hotbeds of innovation surrounding Denver, Colorado – including Englewood, Fort Collins and Boulder – and Salt Lake City, Utah – including Provo and Orem.

  • Six visualizations to describe aspects of patenting in the midwest region of the United States.

    Historically, the Midwest has been an industrial powerhouse in the United States. As we see from the map, patent activity is strong throughout all the states of the Midwest region. The top patent-producing entities are located in the vicinity of Detroit, Chicago and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul.  Still, the map shows additional innovation hotspots in St.